Stella Stark Art Show
Art helps fight alcohol addiction. History of sober art.

Stella Stark. My luxurious art show.

“Nothing is difficult in the eyes of a lover.”
~ Cicero, 50 BC.

“The knowledge of all things is possible.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci.

All my life I wanted only one thing – I wanted to have in my possession something special, unique and priceless, one thing that no one could take away from me; the thing that would make my life rich, exciting and full of adventure.

“What can it be?” I asked myself. “I must find it.”

Years passed till one day – I’ve got it! I understood what that one thing could be, I realized what I wanted.

I wanted to have in my possession, not a physical thing, but a skill, a muscle, an ability to think and create what I wanted in time when I wanted it.

All my life I wanted to have in my possession a Luxurious Mind.

Luxurious Mind?

A Luxurious Mind is a mind that is clear, sober, lucid, harmonious, ordered, independent, courageous; always winning, always kind, the mind that in any circumstances will find a path to peace.

A Luxurious Mind is a great composer of great experiences.

Fueled by love, Luxurious Mind knows how to transform self, life around it and follows da Vinci formula for change:  “Change initiates change, order initiates order, soul orchestrates all.”

I discovered this formula one night when rummaging through Leonardo da Vinci notes and drawings. Here are his thought and understanding of the great chain of change in a human mind.

“To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art… Learn how to see.”

“The perception of the object depends on the direction of the eye.”

“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.”

“The soul apparently resides in the seat of the judgment, and the judgment apparently resides in the place where all the senses meet…”

“Art is the queen of all sciences…”

Leonardo Da Vinci. Notebooks.

It is only through Art and through Art only that we can realize our perfection; through Art and Art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence.
~ Oscar Wilde.

Art is the creator of a Luxurious Mind.

Consider now, O reader!

Wherever Art appears – life blooms, order initiates order, change initiates change and an artist like a magician or a sorcerer of light transmits his own consciousness into the heart of a viewer. And how well Art succeeds!


Art transforms our minds, our minds transform life.

About the Show.

When I was a kid, art was everywhere. I lived in the city that was an art museum under the stars – St. Petersburg.

Poster Art I saw every morning on the way to school made my day brighter, gave me a sense that the world was stable, simple and that there were clear rules I can follow to make my life into a beautifully orchestrated symphony of experiences, that all I needed to do is to keep my body strong, my mind healthy and master my dreams.

Anti-alcohol campaigns of the late 1980s in Soviet Russia were full of sharp and funny messages. These messages entertained, made you laugh and stayed with you. One of them “Not a Drop!” is still with me.

“My Luxurious Mind” show is an echo of that campaign and that one message.

“A drop? Not a drop!” message was transformed into a new art form – Art Mind Game.

My art is a game.

A Spiritual Art Mind Game based on Leonardo da Vinci Formula for Change will create an instant switch of perspective in your mind’s eye. This will be a magic gift – to see, to feel and to know things in a different way. In the following moment, a new thought will be born and later, when this new thought will become a habit, your destiny will be transformed.

It is charged.

The canvases and prints I create are charged with the energy of my knowledge, the spirit of Norse wisdom and the power of Slavic gods.

I won the prize

I won! The Prize.

The moment I wake up – it’s on.
86 billion brain cells are working for me.
1,000 processes per second are firing every second in me.

What are they doing and how? I know not.
But I want them all. They are my mind.
Who am I?
A suit without a face? A bottle without a cork?
Without my mind.
To be alive is to think. Thank you, my mind.
Slowly or fast, in order or in peace, in racing excitement – all of it is mine.

A human brain is the most sophisticated phenomenon we are able to observe in the universe.
I own it.
I am the master of it.

Alcohol: The Powerless.


Feel better.
Think better.
Be better.
Act stronger.
Last longer.
The New Character


Rocket fuel.
Highly flammable.
The product of fermentation – an energy-producing pathway.
A Catalyst – Substance that Causes or Accelerates Change.

Alcohol brakes to be powerless to give me what I want – The New Better Me.



alc: (from Russian “Aлкать”) intense, passionate desire

-o: of

-(w)hol(e): in an unbroken or undamaged state; in one piece

-ic: relating to


alc·o·(w)hol(e)·ic: A Seeker of Change.

Seeker of change by Stella Stark. 2018.

An Alcoholic

Almost Human by Stella Stark. 2018.

Almost Human. BORN TO BECOME.

To change is to evolve, to evolve is to create a new self.

Who is the creator? Self.

Who is to be created? Self.

The self goes from ignorance of harmony to the perfect order through trials of conquest and victory over Prior Self.

The Prior Self is the Self I know to be ready to change.

Every night I go to sleep and my subconscious mind renders and integrates all new knowledge I learned that day.

Every morning I wake up and part of me is smarter and wiser than yesterday’s Self.

When I train yesterday’s Self to be as good as I want myself to be, I become whole, I become NEW SELF.


I am…

When I discovered who I am,
I found my place in the world and
the world became my place.

A mighty hero of extraordinary powers,
a Virtuous Silver Sentient
with Luxurious Mind
and the will to create Self.

The Key by Stella Stark. 2018.

The Key to the Puzzle.

Character makes the plot.
The plot is destiny.
Destiny is future.

In the story of life,

Virtues Man creates Virtuous destiny,
Continent Man – Continent destiny,
Incontinent Man – Incontinent destiny,
Vicious Man – Vicious destiny.

To know my future – I study my character.

“It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important as trifles.”
~ Sherlock Holmes.

Characterto a human spirit.

Change Initiates Change by Stella Stark. 2018.

Change Initiates Change.

To change my future I am changing my character.


“An actor must work all his life, cultivate his mind, train his talent systematically, develop his character; he may never despair and never relinquish his main purpose…”
~ Constantin Stanislavski.


“There is no shortcut to happiness.”
~ Tony Hopkins.

To art…

Writing is the art of changing one’s thoughts.
Painting is the art of changing one’s seeing.
Music is the art of changing one’s emotions.
Dance is the art of changing one’s movements.
Architecture is the art of changing one’s environment.
Acting is the art of changing one’s character.

To art is to evolve self and environment.

The First Step by Stella Stark. 2018.

The First Step.

“The first step: Don’t be anxious. Nature controls it all.”
~ Marcus Aurelius. Roman emperor, 121–180 AD.


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw.


“Decide to be extraordinary and do what you need to do – now.”
~ Epictetus, 55 -135 AD. Enchiridion. The manual for life.

Two Classes of Things by Stella Stark. 2018.

Two Classes of Things.

“There are two classes of things: those that are under our control and those that are not.


Under our control are opinion, choice, desire, aversion and, in a word, everything that is our own doing;


not under our control … everything that is not our own doing.”

~ Epictetus, 55 -135 AD. Enchiridion. The manual for life.

Seal of Hel by Stella Stark. 2018.

Seal of Hel.

The word of Hel, the queen of Helheim
irrefutable, final and sealed.
She is darker than dark but clear as tear
the ruler of Shadowland:
“This path is closed, connection impossible,
unreachable, unrecognized.
You master the master when you train yourself
the mastery of change.”

Sober mind is lite.
It sees but does not suffer,
it understands but not burden,
it engaged but free.

The Spiritual Domain.

Art is the movement of
a human soul,
shaping itself
into a form of the visible

I Art Myself.

The Spiritual Domain by Stella Stark. 2018.

My religion is Art.

The artist is the creator of new things.
To reveal new in self is the artist’s aim.
When nothing new is created – it is craft and not art.
The lowest form of art is imitation.
All art is the art of perception.
When one finds new in the world – one changes perception.
To change one’s perception is to become different and new.
When we become new – we create a new world.
The artist is the creator of a new world for self and others.
All art is highly functional.
The function of art is to evolve the artist and the human community as the instrument of consciousness.
The human race is moved forward by art and the artist.
The next civilization of Earth is a civilization of art and artists.

About Stella Stark

Who am I?

I am an Emma Peel of the art world. Born in Soviet Russia, grew up in Paris, Niece, New York, and London.


My religion and obsession is art.


I seek and unpack knowledge coded in the seemingly random ocean of information we swim in.


Why do we create objects of art? Does art make us more human? Or it makes us superhuman? When we extend our capabilities with art, do we become objects of art?


Do we artificially engineer ourselves when we learn to speak in a new way, think in a new way, act in a new way?

Does art create new consciousness? Is art an act of work of artificial intelligence?


“My Luxurious Mind” Show is the first in the series. I dedicate it to the power of a sober sentient mind (consciousness) to transform itself through art.

My work is finished, complete, ready for your consumption.


The project I am working on next will require my seclusion and complete anonymity. Please contact my representative M.V Shall with all your inquiries. She is in charge.

Words by M.V Shall.